What leverage for market research in Philippine

Understanding Philippine consumer psychology involves studying its attitudes in a buying or buying situation as well as its behavior. It can be done through market research facilities in Philippine.

Better understand Philippine consumers

Can we better know who these Philippine’s consumers are leaving?

Thanks to market research in Philippine, what we can argue is that:

  • Men are more likely to leave an online shopping process
  • They are between 25 and 44 years old
  • 42% of them can be described as « confused users »; This kind of users wants more information like user reviews.
  • 42% are also described as « cost-conscious »; These users are always looking for the best price.
  • Finally, the remaining 16% are « window lids »; These users have no intention of buying, they are there just to watch and move on!

Aging is currently a demographic fact which will increase considerably in the coming years, especially in Philippine. Market research companies showed that it will especially reshape the consumer market in Philippine.

Beyond the medical care provided by this reality, the experience and the experience of aging have been the subject of numerous works in Psychology, Sociology, Gerontology … Many of them consider Philippine society aging as a variety Of problems to be solved – cognitive, for example – and responses to be identified for each. Few works and works emphasize the tremendous opportunities linked to aging.


How to use market research reports in Philippine

This attitude is composed of 3 dimensions on the Philippine market:

  • Cognitive: it concerns the elements relating to the knowledge that it can have facing a stimulus. Taking the example of a Philippine consumer’s attitude towards a product, we can say that this quantity corresponds to what he knows about this product.
  • Affective: we can classify here all the elements due to the emotion. Either in our example: how is the Philippine consumer seduced by the product?
  • Conative: this is what is called predisposition to action. It announces an act of behavior: is the Philippine consumer ready to buy?

Market research companies in Philippine suggests to follow the below principles:

  • Always highlight the Call-to-Action, this will guide users through the entire purchase process. The buttons: next, continue, proceed to payment … etc. Should be of size and color to distinguish them.
  • Put a breadcrumb trail, this will allow the buyer to know his progress within the buying process.
  • Focus on simplicity and sobriety when it comes to accompanying the buyer towards payment, avoid elements that could disrupt it or divert it from its original purpose.
  • At any time, allow the user to go back to change his order.

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