A Focus Group is one of the tools used for brand image monitoring, brand development, brand positioning, in-depth analysis with products, testing, and services. We can provide you the assistance you need to develop effective strategies that will create or add new value to your products or services by talking directly to reach out to your consumers or prospects. Focus Group will bring you both the control and flexibility to truly understand your consumers.

Reasons for using focus groups

Focus groups are a useful method to:

  • Investigate behavior of consumers
  • Discover how different groups think and feel about a topic and why they hold certain opinions
  • Identify changes in behavior
  • Investigate the effectiveness and usefulness of products and services
  • Verify or clarify the results from surveys
  • Suggest potential solutions to problems identified
  • Inform decision-making, strategic planning, and resource allocation
  • Add a human dimension to impersonal data
  • Deepen understanding and explain statistical data.

We recognize the importance of priceless information on the potential market acceptance of your products and services. The way focus groups are run across different cultures varies considerably. Focus Group Discussions are conducted in an unstructured and natural manner to encourage open discussion and free-flowing sharing of opinion from respondents. Our aim is to provide our assistance to get feedback in a cost-effective way through our very capable Qualitative team to further develop and enhance the products and services that your company offers. We have a pool of trained and experienced moderators. Over the years, we have established a very good reputation of providing high-quality recruitment, which various clients can attest to. This is something we’re very proud of considering the key to getting quality results starts with articulate and able respondents. We aim for strategic focus and can help you discover your product or service’s competitive advantage and value. This we can attain through close collaboration between our clients and analysts. Our facility is focus vision capable for online viewing the discussion anywhere in the world.

Advantages of focus groups in Philippines

The main advantages of focus groups are:

  • Use to obtain detailed information about personal and group opinions, perceptions, beliefs, and attitude
  • Save time and money compared to individual interviews
  • Provide a broader range of information
  • Offer the opportunity to seek clarification

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